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Registration of Account

  1. In order to access and enjoy full functions and features of the Platform and/or our Services, you may be required to create and register for an account with us (“Account”) by providing certain personal or business information. You hereby acknowledge and agree that we may, whether acting on our own or our financial institution partners, conduct credit checks on you including but not limited to checking with registered credit bureau or reporting agency(ies) including but not limited to CCRIS, FIS and/or other agencies and/or from any financial institution for purpose of accessing your credit worthiness and you agree to execute all consent form(s) or to provide additional document(s) necessary for such credit check(s) if so required by us and/or our financial institution partners. You also acknowledge and agree that we and/or our financial institution partners may share information about you with relevant credit reporting/reference agencies, any for any of these credit reporting/reference agencies to disclose your credit information to its subscribers for purposes of fraud detection and fraud prevention.

  2. You may create your Account by: (a) selecting a unique user identification (“User ID”) at your own discretion subject always to our approval or a User ID will be provided to you upon successful registration. You will be entitled to set the password and/or security code for your Account subject always to certain requirements as may be then notified or (b) connecting to an account maintained by you with a third party (such as Facebook, Google or your mobile service provider) wherein selected data of yours from such third party will be reflected in your Account. In registering with us, you agree to provide or that such information provided to us are accurate, current and complete information about yourself, and to update that information if it changes; if you don’t, we have the right to close your Account and any web pages and/or other pages and/or reports created under your Account within YOOSNAP. If we rely on the contents of your application and accept you as a YOOSNAP’s User, you irrevocably agree that you shall indemnify and keep us indemnified and hold us harmless for any expense, loss or damage that we may suffer arising from any inaccurate or false statement or misrepresentation of facts submitted by us to you. If you select a User ID that we, in our sole discretion, find offensive or inappropriate, we have the right to suspend or terminate your Account. 

Security of Account

  1. To safeguard the security of the Platform and your Account, you agree to:
    (a) keep your password and/or security code confidential and use only your User ID, password and/or security code when logging in.
    (b) ensure that you log out from your Account at the end of each session on the Platform;
    (c) immediately notify us of any unauthorised use of your Account, User ID, password and/or security code;
    (d) ensure that your Account information is accurate and up-to-date;
    (e) use your Account only in accordance with the Terms of Use published (and updated from time to time) by us through online; and
    (F) not use your Account in a manner or for any purposes which may detriment and jeopardize YOOSNAP’s operation, interest, reputation or goodwill.

  2. You are fully responsible for all activities and transactions that occur under your User ID and Account even if such activities or transactions were not committed by you as we are unable and not obliged to investigate the authenticity of user’s identity or authority of such person effecting an activity or transaction. We shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from unauthorised use or access of your Account or your failure to comply with these Terms of Use.
  3. For enhancement and improvement purposes, we may from time to time conduct software evaluation to assess the performance level of the Platform and/or Services. You hereby irrevocably grant to and authorise us to conduct periodical review on your Account, including but not limited to assessing the activities and/or transactions carried out by you on the Platform or via your Account.

Identity Verification

  1. We may from time to time require verification of your identity to confirm your ownership of your Account. This verification process is required for purposes including but not limited to: (i) fulfilling our obligations to the relevant authorities to combat against suspicious or unlawful activities, anti-money laundering activities and the funding of terrorism; (ii) enabling us to take action when unauthorised usage of YOOSNAP accounts has been detected; and (iii) resolving any disputes relating to the ownership of a YOOSNAP account.

  2. You hereby irrevocably authorise us, whether acting on our own or through our third-party service providers and/or our financial institution partners, to make any inquiries and to collect any documentation that we and/or our financial institution partners consider necessary to verify your identity and/or verification of the source of your funds under the “Know-Your-Customer” principle. As part of this verification process, we and/or our financial institution partners may request, and you shall provide to us and/or our financial institution partners, information about yourself that is true, accurate, current and complete, and which can be verified through documentation that is legally recognized and accepted in the location in which such documentation is issued.
2.0 Fees For The Use Of Platform
  1. Unless otherwise informed in writing, we do not charge Users for accessing and browsing of the Platform.

  2. We may impose fees for use of certain features on the Platform. Such fees shall be as stipulated in the Specific T&C which is specific to such feature. Please refer to the Specific T&C of the feature you intend to use for more information.
3.0 Restricted Use Of YOOSNAP’s Intellectual Property And Content
  1. We grant you a limited and revocable licence to access and use the incidental software provided by us to you via the Platform as part of the Services. Use of such software is subjected to these Terms of Use. Any third-party scripts or code, linked to or referenced from the Services, are licensed to you by the third parties that own such scripts or code. You shall not, directly or indirectly, modify the features or functionality of, copy or create derivative works using all or any portion of, analyse or remove components from, decompile, or otherwise reverse engineer or attempt to reverse engineer or derive source code, techniques, algorithms or processes from the software or permit or encourage any third-party to do so.
  2. All proprietary Content, trademarks, service marks, brand names, logos, copyrighted information and other intellectual properties (“Intellectual Property”) displayed on the Platform are the exclusive property of YOOSNAP and where applicable, third-party proprietors such as Merchants (as defined in the Specific T&C section below). No right or licence is granted directly or indirectly to any party accessing the Platform to use or reproduce any Intellectual Property, and no party accessing the Platform shall claim any right, title or interest therein. By using or accessing the Services you agree to comply with the copyrights, trademarks, applicable intellectual property related legislations and all other applicable laws that protect the Services, the Platform and its Content. You agree not to copy, distribute, republish, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, modify, adapt, rent, sell, or create derivative works of any portion of the Services, the Platform or its Content. You also may not, unless with our prior written consent, mirror or frame any part or whole of the contents of the Platform on any other server or as part of any other website. In addition, you agree that you will not use any robot, spider or any other automatic device or manual process to monitor or copy our Content, without our prior written consent (such consent is deemed given for standard search engine technology employed by Internet search websites to direct Internet users to this website).
  • Third Party Links

Third party links may be provided throughout the Platform. These links are provided as a courtesy only, and the sites they link to are not under our control in any manner whatsoever and you therefore access them at your own risk. We are in no manner responsible for the contents of any such linked site or any link contained within a linked site, including any changes or updates to such sites. We provide these links merely as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not in any way imply or express affiliation, endorsement or sponsorship by us of any linked site and/or any of its content therein.

4.0 Specific T&C – YooPay


(a) We have developed and own a cashless payment mechanism named “YooPay” that allows you to make cashless payment to the Merchant via YooPay.

(b) YooPay supports payments made on the Platform via Credit / Debit card, online banking, selected electronic wallet (e-wallet) and Cashbacks or such other payment method as may be accepted by us from time to time. 

(c) Your usage of or transaction carried out on YooPay are additionally governed by these Specific T&C – YooPay.


(a) YooPay transactions are made after you have received your goods and/ or services from the Merchant. 

(b) All transactions carried out through YooPay are directed and initiated by you and is in no way, controlled by YooPay. In particular, the FINAL PRICE shall be the amount specified and input by you onto our Platform. WE SHALL NOT BEAR ANY LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOSSES OF ANY KIND THAT YOU MAY INCUR AS A RESULT OF YOUR FAILING TO INPUT THE CORRECT FINAL PRICE.    

(c) We merely act as a facilitator to assist you in making cashless payment at the Merchant’s participating outlet, whether online or at the physical store, via YooPay by hosting, maintaining and facilitating transactions between you and Merchants via internet.

(d) In relation to your selected payment mechanism i.e. such payment mechanism which you have linked to your Account, you represent and warrant to be the authorised holder of such selected and eligible Credit / Debit card, online banking, selected electronic wallet (e-wallet) or other payment method as may be accepted by us from time to time (“Payment Method”). 

Delivery Methods and Timing

Our service is provided in a way that users redeem coupons within the app and then proceed to the physical stores to claim the benefits. The redemption time is entirely set by the individual businesses, ranging from a few days to several months. It is based on the duration specified by each business on their coupons, starting from the beginning until the expiration date.

(a) Cashback

At our sole discretion, you may be issued with Cashback upon utilization of YooPay on terms and conditions as may be specified accompanying the utilization of YooPay on the Platform which may include maximum amount of Cashback to be issued for any one payment via YooPay. Such other terms and conditions may include: 

(b) Partner or YOOSNAP Cashback Expiry

The validity or redemption period of your Cashback shall be as specified accompanying the issuance of the Cashback on the Platform. Upon the expiry of the validity or redemption period, the Cashback shall be deemed to have lapsed and you shall not have any recourse against the Merchant, our partner and/or us. 

(ii) Partner or YOOSNAP Cashback Detail Breakdown 

Depending on the Cashback issued to you (whether YooSnap Cashback or Partner Cashback), additional terms and conditions will apply and shall be as specified accompanying issuance of such Cashback on the Platform. Such additional terms and conditions may be published as “Partner Cashback Detail Breakdown”. We, our partner and/ or the Merchant shall not be held liable for any costs, expenses or loss arising from your failure to take note of or failure to comply with such additional terms and conditions.

(iii) Notwithstanding all of the above, we reserve all rights to make final determination of the terms of issuance and redemption of such Cashback on a case to case basis. 

In the event of a cancellation or termination by a Merchant, any Cashback previously issued shall be refunded to us or if already utilized by you, shall be deducted from your

Account in a manner we deem fit.

5.0 Refund Policy for YOOSNAP:

At YOOSNAP, we value our customers’ satisfaction and strive to provide the best experience possible. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or experience on our platform, we offer a transparent and fair refund policy. Please read the following guidelines carefully:

  1. Refund Eligibility:
    • You are eligible for a refund if you have made a payment for a coupon but have not redeemed it at the participating merchant.
    • Refunds are applicable only for unused coupons within the specified redemption period set by the merchant.
  2. Requesting a Refund:
    • To request a refund, please contact our customer support team via [email/phone], providing details of your purchase, including the coupon code and transaction date.
    • Refund requests should be made within [number of days] days from the purchase date.
  3. Refund Process:
    • Once your refund request is received and verified, we will initiate the refund process within [number of days] business days.
    • Refunds will be processed through the original payment method used during the purchase.
  4. Partial Refunds:
    • In some cases, partial refunds may be issued based on the merchant’s terms and conditions or if only a portion of the coupon has been utilized.
  5. Non-Refundable Items:
    • Certain items or services may be non-refundable, and any such exceptions will be clearly communicated during the purchase process.
  6. Refunds for Technical Issues:
    • If a technical issue arises on our platform that hinders coupon redemption or usage, we will promptly address the problem and, if necessary, provide appropriate compensation or refunds.
  7. Cancellation of Coupons:
    • In case the merchant cancels a coupon or discontinues the offering, a full refund will be automatically processed.
  8. Changes to Refund Policy:
    • YOOSNAP reserves the right to modify this refund policy at any time. Any changes will be updated on our website, and the revised policy will apply to future transactions.

Please note that the refund process may vary depending on your payment provider, and it may take some time for the funds to be reflected in your account.

For any further inquiries or refund requests, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team.Bottom of Form


You hereby irrevocably acknowledge and agree that:

(a) we merely facilitate you to make cashless payments at the Merchant’s participating outlet;

(b) any and all information about the goods and / or services are provided by the Merchant to you;

(c) the Merchant is the ultimate seller and actual service provider;

(d) the Merchant, and not us, is solely responsible for providing and/or fulfilling the goods and/ or services sold to and purchased by you;

(e) the Merchant is solely responsible to perform the warranty or honour the guarantee (if any) attached with the goods and/ or services purchased; 

(f) any dispute arising in connection with the provision, fulfilment or performance of the goods and/ or services shall be resolved between you and the Merchant only; and

(g) you have read and understood all additional terms and conditions accompanying the cashless payment(s) made by you such as Cashback. 

If you have any questions or concerns about these Specific T&C – YooPay, please contact us via email at or through the communication channel(s) made available on the Platform.

5.0 Suspension And Termination; Account Deactivation And Closure

Suspension and Termination

  1. You agree that we may in our sole discretion, with or without notice, and without any liability to you or any third party, suspend or terminate your Account and your User ID, remove or discard from the Platform any Content associated with your Account and User ID, withdraw any promotions, offers, deals or subsidies offered to you, cancel any transaction associated with your Account and User ID, temporarily disable your access to any or all of the Services and/ or features on the Platform, withhold any and all sale proceeds or refunds (as the case may be), and/or take any other actions that we deem necessary. Typical reasons for such actions may include, but not limited to:

    (a) the Account has been inactive for a consecutive period of twelve (12) months;
    (b) having multiple user accounts or allowing unauthorised persons to access and use the Account;
    (c) in our opinion, there is dishonesty, suspected fraud, illegality, criminality or misrepresentation in the conduct of your Account or your use of the Platform and/or Services;
    (d) you are in breach or we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have breached any of these Terms of Use and/or any applicable terms and conditions as may be provided by us from time to time, or have engaged in any conduct prejudicial to YOOSNAP or in our opinion, your acts are prejudicial to YOOSNAP’s interest;
    (e) you are in breach of any acts, statutes, laws, by-laws, rules, regulations, guidelines and/or policies imposed by any authority, regulatory body or government agency;
    (f) you have acted in bad faith or with malicious intent, or that we have reasonable grounds to believe that your behaviour is harmful, of defamatory nature or abusive to other Users, third parties and/or YOOSNAP;
    (g) your name is listed under any regulatory watchlist (including but not limited to listing related to terrorism and terrorism financing) under the applicable laws governing anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism financing and/ or corruption and/or such other local, foreign or international laws and regulations of similar nature;
    (h) if we are required to do so pursuant to an order of a court or by any governmental or regulatory authority having the relevant jurisdiction;
    (i) you have submitted false documents or have declared false information during your registration with or application to us; and/or
    (j) you fail to provide any additional information which we may request from you from time to time for verification purposes.

    Use of the Platform, Services and/or an Account for suspicious, fraudulent, illegal, harassing, defamatory, threatening or abusive purposes may be referred by us to the relevant law enforcement authorities without notice to you.
  2. If we suspend your Account, our Services and/ or any specific features to you pursuant to Clause 10.1 above, we shall have the right to commence investigation into such event and shall have the absolute right to disable your utilisation of any or all Services and/or hold back any and all refund or money or benefit due to you (as the case may be) until and unless clearance has been obtained from the relevant authorities and/or the satisfactory completion of any investigation.
  3. In the event your access and/or utilisation of the Platform and/or Services is suspended, ceased or terminated by us due to suspicious, fraudulent, illegal or unlawful transactions including but not limited to breaches of any law or any rules, regulations, policies and/or guidelines made thereunder), you will not be able to continue to utilise any or all Services and shall not be entitled to obtain any money or refund or benefit whatsoever. It shall be lawful for us to retain for an indefinite period, or deal at its own discretion with, or release to the relevant authorities, any money or refund or benefit (including any Cashback issued to you) in accordance with applicable legislations, rules, regulation and/or guidelines. You shall not be entitled to claim any form of compensation for any loss arising therefrom.

Consequences of Account Termination

  1. Upon termination of the Account due to any reason whatsoever, unless otherwise agreed in writing by us, any and all unredeemed Merchant Offering or unutilised Cashback will be deemed to have expired immediately and be removed from your Account. Any outstanding payments due by you to us and/or Merchant shall become immediately due and payable and we shall be entitled to deduct the same from the payment methods made available by you to us on your Account without further consent from you. Further consequences shall be as stipulated in the Specific T&C.  

  2. Any provision of these Terms of Use which expressly or by implication is intended to continue to remain effective and binding on the User after the termination of Account and/or the termination of Services, such as provisions concerning the User’s warranties, undertakings and indemnifications to us, shall survive such termination.